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  The literature at many spas refers to something known as relaxation massage, which sounds relatively benign, if not bland, but what exactly is it?   The standard response to this question is that relaxation massageis a swedish massage  (as compared to one of the advanced modalities), but as you are no doubt learning in school now, a swedish massage can also be invigorating stimulating,  therapeutic,  and downright intence. Is relaxation simply a code word for "fluffy spa-type with no therapeutic value"? Are spas doomed forever to suffer from this stigma as places where relaxation equals substandard?
    Seen from another angle , all massage should be relaxation massage , should it not? Even deep structural integration which may be intence in the moment leads eventually to a relaxation of tissue and holding patterns in the body.
  The problem here is that we are looking at the terminology from a massage therapist's point of view. The real meaning of the term relaxation as itis used in terms of spa massage is correctly understood when seen from the clients point of view, as it probably has more to do with easing clients fear than anything else. It is a way to let spa guest know that they aee not going to be mauled by a rough Russian or turkish character like the ones depicted in certain old time movies. By default over the years the term has ended up applying to any massage that is non threatening, though unfairly so, because swedish massage is actually much more than simply relaxing.


The role of the rapeutic  massage in stress, pain and the pain spasm – pain cycle
Therapeutic massage combines the power of sensitive touch with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology becomes a valuable tool in relieving the psychological and physical suffering of stress and pain, skillfully applied massage provides pleasurable stimulation that is carried to the brain on thicker, faster and more numerous nerves fibers that actually override or drown out the pain signals.
In the care of pain- spasm pain cycles were pain is intensified because of ischemia, skillfully applied massage therapy is very effective in breaking the cycle relieving the pain and restoring mobility.

The most common cause of disease in humans is the invasion of the body by disease producing organism such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. If micro-organism enter the body in sufficient numbers to multiply and becomes harmful and are capable of destroying  health tissues, the body reacts by developing an infection.
The degree of tissues repair varies depending on the local and types of tissues and nature of the damage or injury. Skin and surface tissues undergo a great deal of water and tear easily and quickly, repaired bones and ligaments repair much more slowly and may require immobilization. Muscle and tendons repair with noticeable scaring and weakness.

WELLNESS- is  a concept in which a person takes personal responsibility for his state of health. It is preventive plan where a person makes on effort to recognize conditions, situation and practice that may be threatening or detrimental to her health and take steps to change or eliminate them in other to live a much healthy life. Wellness involves taking an active role in being healthy and adopting practices that enhance health such as low-fat, high fiber-diet, exercise, a balance between play and work and a positive mental and spiritual attitudes. Wellness also means reducing health risk and eliminating practices that add stressfull dangers to our life styles.
Anatomy is the science of morphology or structure of an organism or body. Physiology concerns the normal functions performed by the various systems of the body. Anatomy and physiology are interrelated in that the structure are associated with their functions. Structure and functions are dependent on the interaction of organisms parts and each part has a role in the operation of the whole anatomy.


DISEASE- is an abnormal and unhealthy state of all parts of the body where in it is not capable of carrying on its normal functions. Disease generally have symptoms and sign. A symptom is caused by the disease and is perceived by the victim, such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Pain


A symptom is a clear message to the individual such as abnormal pulse rate, fever, abnormal skin color or physical irregularities.
Stress is any psychological or physical situation or condition that causes tension  or strain. Stress can be any element or situation that requires our body or mind to compensate in other to maintain our delicate internal balance and harmony. Stress may affect individuals differently.
Pain is one of the body’s primary sensations, along with touch, pressure, heat and cold. Its function is primarily protective in that it warns of tissues damage or destruction somewhere in the body.




Massage has direct psychological and physiological benefits. Physiological massage increase metabolism, hastens healing, relaxes and refreshes the muscle and improves the functions of the lymphatic system. Massage helps to improving and relive muscles cramps and spasms and improves circulations and lymph, thereby improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells as it enhance the removal of metabolic wastes. Because  blood caries nutrients to the skin, massage is beneficial in keeping the skin functioning in a normal, healthy manner. Massage therapy is effective in pain management in conditions such as arthritis, neuritis neuralgia, labor and delivery, whiplash, muscular lesions, sciatica, headaches, muscle spasm and many other conditions when done by an anatomical oriented therapist.


The following conditions are frequently relieved by regular massage treatment:

  • Stress and tension are relieved
  • Mental and physical fatigue is relieved
  • Pain in the shoulder, neck and back
  • Muscle and joint becomes more supple soreness an stiffness are relieved
  • Muscle soreness from over exertion can be reduced or prevented
  • Circulation is improving delivery of nutrients and soften fine aging lines
  • Headaches and eyestrain are often relieved
  • Deep relaxation is induced and insomnia is often relieved
  • Muscle spasm are relieved
  • Obesity [overweight] and flabby muscle  can be improved when combined with proper exercises/diet programs and massage.
  • Pain joint, sprains, and poor circulation are relieved
  • Increasing circulation or nourishing blood to the skin and other parts of the body encourage healing
  • Mental strain is reduced, resulting in better productivity
  • Middle high blood pressure is temporally reduced
  • Renewed sense of confidence   and control is experienced matized muscle tissues heal
Joint mobility can be increased.