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Exfoliation is the total removal of older dead cells on the skin, exfoliation services go's by many names in spa and many scrubing ingredients are used to lure clients in exfoliation treatment. B&R have the best exfoliation services in the whole world this is a place were herbal extract and botanic ingredients are used to body gommage of the skin and it must be done by professionals.

BENEFITS OF B&R EXFOLIATION TREATMENT assists the skins oion regenerative process aids in the absorption of clients own cosmetic products applied afterwards thoroughly cleans and promotes overall hygiene creates a healthy glow and radient shine to the skin.

this is the process of coming together of all body treatment procedures to achieve a particular result either to glow the skin or to turn u even skin tone to a balance skin color, body polishing takes longer procedure and is the most expensive treatment in the spa industry today.

1. To tone up the skin
2. To uniform the skin color
This procedure comes with steps and new methods with active botanic methods to give the skin the shine expected.  B&R years of experience we have found out that regular body treatment has  really improved skins.

All body wrap are similar in the envelope the client inside various layers while prodicts are acting upon the skin, it is an amazing treatment but  B&R spa use this same medium to treat conditions in the body because our treatment products are  parked with different herbs with alot of health benefits to infuse into the skin during the procedure around the world spa offers many types of body wraps for various purpose same are for relax and loss inch in size.
But B&R  spa body wrap is detoxi the body and drain impurities out through the pore and also soften the skin and the entire body as the micro nutrients and seabornes minerals soak in through the pore. Less frequently in the spa weight loss or inch-loss wraps are applied for purely cosmetic purposes.

1.Back facial wrap
2. Foot wraps
3. Full body wraps.